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iAQUA Stingray NEO+

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The iAQUA Stingray NEO+ is our fully-loaded version of Stingray NEO, based on the same architecture that can take you to 30m and 21km/h for 80 mins of pure unadulterated fun. It comes fitted with a set of 1700 lumen LED Sub-lights and also features T-3000 modulus carbon-fiber cowlings for the display and jet outlet – reducing the weight a little and increasing the sexiness a lot.

NEO+ Finishes

The PC-ABS bodywork on the NEO+ goes through a four-stage painting process to ensure the finish is flawless. The automotive paint and lacquer is UV resistant and as durable as it is eye-catching.

Metallic Colours

Metallic paints contain aluminum flakes to give them their sparkling look and require extra processes to ensure a uniform finish. We have carefully selected five colours; Bahamas Blue, Corsica Orange, Pacific Blue, Shark Silver and Portside Red which complement the form and environment of the Stingray NEO+.

iAQUA Stingray NEO+ In Portside Red

  • 21 km/h max speed
  • 30 m maximum depth
  • 4.5 kW max power output
  • 720 N max propulsive force
  • 6 power modes
  • 80 mins run time
  • Weight 41kg
  • Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
  • Dimensions L110cm, W53cm, H40cm

iAQUA Stingray NEO+ is our dealer only edition of iAqua Australia’s Stingray and a fully loaded quality underwater propulsion device with all the factory fit upgrades; sub-light and carbon-kit. It is available in two exclusive colours; Bahamas Blue and Corsica Orange as well as Shark Silver. The carbon display and outlet cowlings give NEO+ an even more aggressive edge over our standard online version of underwater propulsion devices!

What makes the NEO+ superior to the NEO?

shark-guard sub-light and carbon-kit


When we were engineering our lightweight version of our underwater propulsion devices, we made some sample carbon fibre parts and quite simply fell in love with their stealthy beauty.

So, as a result, we offer a carbon fibre upgrade for the display housing and the jet cowling. While they are lighter and a little stiffer than the standard parts, the main reason for the upgrade is simply because they look really amazing, allowing them to look like fierce underwater propulsion devices!


For deep diving (over 20m) or using iAqua Australia’s Stingray in low-light conditions, we recommend the Sub Light. This underwater propulsion device has twin high-powered LED headlights give a combined brightness of 1700 lumen which is sure to illuminate the darkest of sea caves or guide you safely back to the mothership.

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