Its promise is simple, to offer the lightest board on the market with a board making a total weight of 24.5 kg including battery

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From 8 280 €

Max speed

44 or 60 km/h


30 min

Board weight without battery

14.5 kg

Battery weight

10 kg

Loading time

120 min

Engine power

20 134 watts

Max weight of rider

115 kg


152 x 62 x 12 cm



Ewake Surf is a brand new company entering the electric surf market. Its promise is simple, to offer the lightest board on the market with a board making a total weight of 24.5 kg including battery!

Based in Germany, Ewake Surf manufactures all of its boards entirely by hand in order to guarantee the best possible manufacturing quality.

Note also that the battery is also made in Germany. The Ewake Surf company leaves nothing to chance and wishes to master the entire production chain of its products in order to guarantee the best reliability and responsiveness for its customers. Ewake electric surfboards are made exclusively from carbon fiber to be as light as possible while ensuring great resistance and solidity.

The design of the Ewake boards makes the boards very responsive and offers the possibility of making ultra tight turns and even performing jumps! Freestyle enthusiasts will appreciate it because the quality of gliding is halfway between snowboarding and wakeboarding.

In terms of technical characteristics, Ewake Surf has nothing to envy of other brands and is committed to satisfying the expectations of its customers as best as possible.

As proof, the brand offers 4 board colors, but it is possible, on request, to completely design your board according to your tastes and desires.

As for the propulsion system, you can choose between two jet packs:

– Double Jet: maximum speed of 44 km / h for a 75 kg rider (2.267 euros)

– Triple Jet: maximum speed of 60 km / h for a 75 kg rider (8,169.5 euros)

The Triple Jet propulsion system makes it one of the fastest boards on the market and the battery has 30 minutes of autonomy for a 2 hour recharge time.

Ewake Surf boards can follow you everywhere because ultra compact with a length of only 152 cm for a width of 62 cm. It’s one of the smallest boards on the market. The Bluetooth remote control is recharged by induction and will allow you to easily manage your speed.

The + : very light and compact

The – : new brand in the market


The pack included:

1 board, 1 remote control with charger, 1 battery with charger, 1 carrying bag

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